Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Rental Bungalow Tents and Mobile Homes by TentHolidays Ltd.

(Valid for bookings made after August 1, 2016)


Invoice and Payment

After booking you will receive a confirmation form. This form is also your invoice.

For all the bookings, there is a pre-payment of 30%. Please transfer the pre-payment to TentHolidays within 7 days, after receiving the confirmation form. The remainder of the travel expenses must be paid no later than 6 weeks before departure. You are responsible yourself for paying the remainder on time, you will not receive a transaction form.

For a booking of 6 weeks or less before departure, you will need to pay the complete travel expenses at once, within 7 days.

After receiving the complete invoice amount, you will receive the travel documents no later than one week before departure.

In case the payment is not completed before the set date, TentHolidays Ltd. reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

In case of negligence of the payment, all costs, including the judicial and extrajudicial costs, will be for the one who made the reservation.

Deposit and Final Cleaning

Bungalow Tents

For the bungalow tents we require a deposit of €100.-, this deposit needs to be paid at arrival. The rented accommodation needs to be clean when transferred to one of our employees at the end of your stay. When the accommodation is properly left behind, the deposit will be paid back to you in cash. If you want one of our employees to clean the accommodation, we will keep €35.- for the bungalow tents and €50.- for the mobile homes from your deposit.


Mobile Homes

The deposit of a mobile home is €150.- euro, this amount needs to be paid in cash at arrival. The deposit will be returned, in case the mobile home is clean, at departure. In case you wish, our employees can clean the mobile home for €50.-, this amount will be taken from the deposit.

In case we do the cleaning for you, the refrigerator needs to be empty, the dishes need to be clean and in the cabinets, and all the garbage needs to be gone.

Buy Down the Deposit

We provide you with the opportunity to buy down the deposit for an amount of €60.-. Damages will then be for the account of TentHolidays with a maximum amount of €500.-.

Rebooking Your Accommodation


In case possible, you may rebook your accommodation for a price of €30.-.

Cancellation Policy

With exception of bookings made within 10 weeks of arrival, all bookings within 7 days of the reservation confirmation can be cancelled without any costs. This cancellation needs to be submitted in writing.

For cancellations between 10 days after the reservation confirmation and 8 weeks before arrival, 30% of the total travel expenses will be charged.

For cancellations less than 8 weeks before arrival, the complete travel expenses will be charged.


TentHolidays Ltd. is not liable for theft, loss, injury or damage to or by users of the accommodations of TentHolidays. TentHolidays is not liable for natural disasters like fires, extreme flooding and any other damage caused by weather.

Unavailable Accommodations

When the booked accommodation can unexpectedly not be offered, TentHolidays Ltd. will offer a similar or better accommodation (To be judged by TentHolidays).


Pets are not allowed in our mobile homes and bungalow tents.

Tourist Tax

The Spanish/Catalan government is levying tourist tax since November 1st, 2012. At arrival at the camping, you need to pay the tourist tax, for persons older than 17 years, at the reception.

The tariff is €0.45.- per person per night. It will only be charged for a maximum of 7 nights.

Last minutes/Offers

When you book your holiday with TentHolidays, you can book at the moment your first choice is still available or you can wait for the last minutes/offers. The longer you wait, the lower the availability. Waiting too long can result in booking your fourth or even fifth choice. However, as we are using fluctuating prices, it might be possible that, as the season is approaching, the prices are decreasing. This means that for both booking methods there are advantages and disadvantages. TentHolidays let its travellers freely choose the way they like the most. 


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